Vibratory Tumbler Polisher Part No. 77159

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77159 Vibratory Tumbler Polisher
77159 Vibratory Tumbler Polisher

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Designed to allow small objects to be tumbled with a tumbling medium to remove rust, sharp edges (de-burring) etc. Ideal for metal polishing. Polishing and de-burring mediums avaialbe separately.

Additional Information

  • Ideal for performing dry shining, metal polishing and rust cutting on objects up to 175mm long.
  • Rugged polyethylene tumbler bowl with securely sealed lid. Capacity 5lb (2.2kg).
  • Fitted with 25w motor 220v/50Hz and BS mains plug.
  • Overall dimensions: 248mm diameter x 318mm high.
  • Brown Resin and Medium Ceramic Media bags (1kg) available separately - Part Nos: 77160 & 77161.
  • Idéale pour le lustrage à sec, le polissage des métaux et l'élimination de la rouille sur des objets d'une longueur allant jusqu'à 175 mm.
  • Tambour en polyéthylène résistant avec couvercle hermétique. Capacité de 5 lbs (2,26 kg).
  • Équipée d'un moteur de 25 W, 220 V/50 Hz, et d'une prise secteur BS.
  • Dimensions hors tout : 248 mm de diamètre x 318 mm de hauteur.
  • Sacs d'abrasif résine marron et céramique (5 lbs) disponibles séparément, N°s de référence 77160 et 77161.
  • Ideal zum Trockenreinigen, Metallpolieren und Entrosten von Gegenständen mit einer Länge von bis zu 175 mm.
  • Robuste Polyethylen-Trommel mit fest verschließbarem Deckel. Fassungsvermögen 2,3 kg.
  • Ausgestattet mit einem 25-Watt-Motor für 220 V/50 Hz und einem BS-Netzstecker.
  • Gesamtabmessungen: 248 mm Durchmesser x 318 mm Höhe.
  • Beutel mit Scheuermittel aus braunem Harz und mittelgrober Keramik (2,3 kg) separat erhältlich – Teile-Nr. 77160 und 77161.

This new vibratory tumbler polisher from Gunson Tools (part number 77159) is designed to clean and polish small metal objects and other items with a rapid vibrating action. Small parts can be thoroughly cleaned and polished with the gentle cleaning action of the tumbler.

Ideal for de-rusting, cleaning or de-burring metal parts. Nuts, bolts, machine parts, sockets, small tools, any metal parts up to 7" (178mm) long are suitable for the tumbling process.

The heavy duty, sturdy polyethylene vibratory bowl (with lid), sits on a plastic motor housing. The bowl rests on plastic mounted feet for added stability when operating. The tumbler bowl opening is 7.5" (192mm) in diameter allowing the easy addition or removal of items. The bowl holds a maximum of 5lbs (2.27 kilograms) of parts and media (sold separately).

Two different types of media are available: Brown Resin Media, Medium Grade (part number 77160, 1kg bag) and Ceramic Media, Medium Grade (part number 77161, 1kg bag). To remove rust and corrosion, use the Brown Resin Media, tumble for 2–6 hours (or maybe more, depending on amount of rust / corrosion of parts to be cleaned). To polish (dry shining), use the Ceramic Media and tumble for 4-8 hours. Economical to run, as the motor is rated at just 25W.

Suitable for general workshop use and ideal for the classic car restorer, the Gunson 77159 is available now from your local stockist.

CE Approved RoHS Compliant
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