Battery Charger 2A/10A Part No. 77117

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The Gunson 77117 battery charger is a fully automatic, microprocessor controlled unit delivering a maximum charge rate of 10A. It is suitable for 12V batteries with capacities between 2AH to 200AH. It charges in four stages: the initial pre-charge stage brings the discharged battery up to a preset voltage level to enable the second stage pulse-charging which assists with battery desulphurisation; the third (absorption) stage brings the battery up to 100% capacity. The final stage is a ‘maintenance’ pulse charge (float mode) which will maintain the battery in a fully charged state without overcharging. The charger will automatically select the appropriate stage of charging depending on the battery’s level of charge. It features short-circuit protection, overload current protection, over voltage protection and over temperature protection. The 77117 is suitable for regular (sealed or unsealed) Lead Acid batteries, AGM (absorbed glass mat) and GEL (gelified electrolyte) batteries used on motorcycles, cars and light commercial vehicles. It is also suitable for charging Deep Cycle batteries (eg. certain marine applications, golf carts, etc).

Additional Information

  • Complete with Euro 2 pin adaptor.
  • 2A or 10A charger.
  • For battery types: REG | AGM | Deep cycle.
  • LED display.
  • CE certificated.
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