New Eezibleed Special Edition kit

The world famous Gunson Eezibleed is now available in an exclusive deluxe set that includes useful extras to make brake bleeding even easier! The Eezibleed Special Edition kit (part number 77139) includes the standard Eezibleed kit components that use air pressure from the spare wheel to effortlessly bleed both brake and clutch hydraulic systems, and also includes the Eezibleed multi-purpose cap, a brake bleed spanner and a classic pen-type tyre pressure gauge. All packaged in a foam insert tray within the handy storage case.

Brake bleeding couldn’t be easier: fill the Eezibleed pressure vessel with fresh brake fluid, and connect it to your car’s brake fluid reservoir with one of the supplied caps, or the multi-purpose cap; pressurise the fluid by attaching the Eezibleed tube to your spare tyre, then release the bleed valve with the special spanner provided (10mm + 11mm) and let the fluid flow.

Bleeding the brakes by pumping the brake pedal repeatedly has one big disadvantage: the piston inside the master cylinder can travel past the slight lip that has formed with normal usage, possibly damaging the seal. This does not happen with a pressure system such as the Eezibleed because the master cylinder piston will not be moving. The Eezibleed system makes brake or clutch bleeding a one-man operation.

The Gunson Eezibleed Special Edition kit makes an ideal gift and is available now from your Gunson stockist.

Posted on Friday 15 July 2016
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